Wednesday, July 16, 2008

fall down tree.

I could easily plan a whole room around these prints. The colors are vibrant and the creativity is brilliant. I've admired fall down tree for awhile and am now the proud owner of puddle feet pictured below. I thought I was impressed before, but honestly you can't get much better than this?


You fall in love with each print, thinking it's not possible for anything to be equal to the last and yet with each click you fall in love all over again. Try the hungry hippo, skunk and pickle or penelope the cat. Combine multiples for an incredible series, My new Robot, Nursery Rhyme or Jungle Beaver.

The masterminds behind fall down tree? Adam and Jill Record. How they come up with these illustrations I'll never know, but I'm sure glad they do and for very reasonable prices I might add.


  1. I love these! All the animals would be fun in a playroom, scattered around the walls.

  2. thanks for this tip. i WILL purchase one. they are amazing.


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