Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tiny party

Hey, it's Brittany blogging for Brittany today. I'm excited to share one of the funnest and easiest parties I've done. This is the perfect party for a tiny one-year-old. Thanks, Brittany, for the opportunity to be a guest blogger.

{tiny party}
this tiny party was so much fun to plan. the ideas were endless. my friend originally planned this party for her twins and I just used all of her amazing ideas and decorations.

this invitation was printed on a wallet size card and delivered in tiny envelopes.
the font I used on this invitation was only a 10pt.

tiny table decorations.

i served a tiny meal which I prepackaged in these great containers that I purchased at a local bakery for only 10 cents a piece. this made serving dinner to guests so easy. inside the containers was a tiny bag of chips, tiny grapes, tiny cookies, tiny carrots, tiny sandwich and a tiny bottle of water.

tiny cupcakes.
served with tiny ice cream cones.

tiny birthday cake for the birthday boy.

birthday boy ready to enjoy his tiny cake.

a few pictures from my friend's {who really gets all the credit} party. she made these cute tiny boxes and filled them with party favors. tiny play dough, tiny bubbles and tiny m&m's.

she also made tiny mailboxes and tiny letters for guests to leave messages for the birthday twins.

no party would be complete without a birthday banner.
here is the tiny one she made.

tiny pendant banner.

more tiny table decorations.


  1. I love the party. I have a really odd question. In the picture with your son in the highchair there is a shelf in the background. Where did you get it? I have been looking everywhere for one just like that. If you know and dont mind can you email me laynafuller@yahoo.com. Thanks so much.

  2. Oh god! I'm dying! The tiny banner is so cute!!

  3. All I have to say is that this party is amazing! I wish I could have pulled it together for Finn's birthday. This would have been perfect. There's always next year... right??

    Thank you for guesting!

  4. Amazing! I particularly love the invitations and the tiny mailboxes (you should do a tutorial!).

    P.S. Is that you in the orange shirt? You're beautiful!

    P.P.S. My baby girl just turned 1 over the weekend. :)



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