Tuesday, March 23, 2010

color week: YELLOW! {brilliant birthday bash}

Hello everyone!

This is Stephanie Ford; mom of two, author of a little blog about our lives called Simply Radiant, and designer of the Pop line at Sycamore Street Press. I feel so honored to be invited to do a guest post because I've been a long time reader of Tangled and True! Since today's color is yellow, Brittany invited me to tell you about a party I threw last year for my son's second birthday. To be honest, I had other plans in mind for the party, but my son told everyone who mentioned his birthday that he was going to have a yellow party, and I didn't want to disappoint so yellow party it was.

I started out with putting together simple yellow invitations.
The inside pulled out to reveal party details.
I made small yellow bunting and hung it all of the house the day of the party.
and I slipped yellow scrapbooking paper and pictures of my son with a yellow mustache over the artwork that we already had hanging up. Then of course, we had yellow mustaches for all the guests to join in the fun.
We asked all the guests to wear yellow and told them there would be a prize for the person wearing the most yellow. We have some pretty competitive family members and they really went all out, which made the party a lot of fun.

We served all yellow food and individual peach pies for dessert (because my son requested pie)
Since all the guests were adults, I tried to come up with something fun for them to do at the party so we set up a photobooth in the hallway.
It turned out that our son loved the photobooth most of all and ended up in almost all of the photos. I love that he has photos like these with my dad and my mom to remember the party by.

I hope that this will provide inspiration for some of you!

Thanks again to Brittany for inviting me to share.


  1. thanks for sharing stephanie! how could you not see this party and smile?

  2. I love the yellow party. How fun! How awesome that everyone joined in, and what great photos!

  3. you just provided me wih great color inspiration.. we are thinking of going yellow in our nursery and this post has so many wonderful tones and shades to choose from..
    and it looks like so much fun

  4. came to your blog via Metropolitan Mama. Love your ideas! My little guy is turning 2 in May, but I have no idea what theme to do for him. He's not telling me much these days, either, so it will probably be quite simple.

  5. What a wonderful idea for a party! So bright + cheery...and simple too.

    I particularly like the photo booth idea and the contest for the guest who wore the most yellow. Thanks for sharing your creativity! I am inspired. :)


  6. I'm planning a yellow themed party for my 2 year old son since he's been slightly obsessed with the color for quite some time. I was thinking about saying a prize goes to the person dressed in the most yellow and now that I see it worked for you, I'm doing it! Thanks for the great ideas and I love all your photos.

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