Sunday, March 14, 2010

st. patrick's day.

If you're looking to make someone's day this Wednesday...

cut out some green leprechaun feet and tape them all over your house leading to..

a bucket full of green surprises,

or a car full of green snacks for work.

You'll be the best mom/wife ever, it's one of my very favorite traditions. Care to share one of yours?


  1. there is a nice statue of saint patrick at the catholic school; we are going to walk by it and then i will tell my sons the story of the man, show them a map of ireland, give a very bad language accent attempt, and then paint shamrocks. i'll do a blogwriteup tomorrow on patrick. we love this day...

  2. we always celebrate green day to the max! Here's what we did last year... although my corn syrup leprachaun feet were a pill to clean off the floor!

  3. Cutest idea ever! Thanks for sharing!

  4. ha! I told my hubby last week I needed green kdd'spaint to make footprint st. patty's cards for grandmas! we made shamrock sugar cookies and irish soda bread to have with our colcannon and beef!

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