Wednesday, May 19, 2010

oh baby dear

*This is not a birthday, but it is a brilliant bash! As always, I'd love to see the parties you've thrown. Send them my way and I'll try my best to feature you. Happy Wednesday and update #2 from our stay here will come later today.

Hi! I'm April from Funky Vintage Kitchen and I am so excited to share with you a baby shower I planned for a dear friend!

My friend has a love for anything hip, modern and vintage so I wanted to incorporate all of those things into her first baby shower. My inspiration was a sweet mommy/baby vintage style deer that I had seen at an antique store, but I only had a picture of it in my head. I also wanted to use the color theme of her nursery for her shower. I emailed my friend, Lyndsay, who is an amazing designer and she brought to life exactly what I imagined in my head for the invitation. She has been so gracious to include a downloadable file for you all to enjoy and use for personal use only! Here is the invite and pictures from the evening of the baby shower.

Here is the link to the downloadable file, with two different versions and crop marks.

Thank you, thank you, Lyndsay!

Now on to the rest of the party.
Pom pom tissue paper balls in orange, blue and green greeted guests at the front door with little jelly jar candles tied with coordinating ribbons.

I used the deer clip art theme throughout the whole shower. I made coasters out of thick card stock, cropped them to squares and then rounded the corners.

Keeping with the color theme, I wrapped all the water bottles with the same clip art in white, orange and blue and also served izze's in mandarin orange.

Handmade oh baby dear banner.

More tissue paper balls inside the house.

And, more jelly/mason jars, ribbon & tulips.

The buffet table draped in the perfect baby blue and white seersucker tablecloth borrowed from a local event planner.

I had seen cupcake liners used in banners, but at the buffet table I really wanted a mobile type decoration for the baby shower. I gathered a few extra coasters, twine and cupcake liners in baby blue and strung the twine through the cupcake liners, tying them off at different intervals.

The food was perfect for the party and for the most part....all finger foods.

Caesar salad cups, veggie platter, caramelized bacon wraps & prosciutto wrapped asparagus. The salad cups are so easy....just place dressing at the bottom of the cup with a few leafs of romaine lettuce, some parmesan cheese sprinkled on top of the dressing and a toasted cheese stick topping it off. So easy to just pick up and dip.

....and more food thanks to a great group of friends!

Hawaiian meatballs, pulled pork sandwiches & caramelized onion cheese puffs.

We played just two games.

The first was the "estimated time of delivery" game.

Little plastic babies were frozen in ice cubes the day before the shower. when a guest entered the party, they received an ice-cube in a cup and had to write on the cup their estimated time of delivery. {if the guest gets the ice-cube at 6:30pm and she thinks it will deliver in 15 minutes, she should write down 6:45 on her cup.} it is important that each guest get their baby upon arrival and not all at the same time. they need to look at the clock and guess what the actual time will be when they deliver the baby from the ice-cube. the person closest to the estimated time of delivery wins!

We also used little play-dohs to make babies. the mommy-to-be was the judge and there was a time limit for creating a baby from the play-doh. This one was complete with bottle and toys with baby sitting and sucking his thumb. So sweet. And, speaking of sweet......

After presents it was time for dessert. All different mini desserts. So yummy.

The baby shower was so sweet and perfect and I was thrilled that it all came together exactly how I imagined it. How often does that happen....really?! Thank you, Brittany, for letting me share my Oh Baby Dear baby shower. What a treat!




  1. April you did such an amazing job. I bet your friend loved it. I love it!!

  2. how beautiful! I think the lucky recipient of the party is my cousin. I bet she loved it!! thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome! I love the dear little deer! This is probably the most adorable baby shower I've ever seen!

  4. That looks so amazing, April. You are beyond crafty. I'd like to think you and I would be dear friends if we lived near eachother. :)

  5. OMG! I am in love!! Awesome job!!! I love how unique the theme is.

  6. Oh my gosh, this is cutest shower ever! The deer is darling for the theme!

  7. Where can I find the deer clip art?


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