Tuesday, May 11, 2010

charlotte in wonderland party!

Hello fabulous T&T people!

I'm elizabeth. I'm a Mom of 4, photographer and blogger @ {a thousand words}. I'm also really happy to be here on a Wednesday to share my daughter's recent birthday party!

The theme for this 4 year old was "Charlotte in Wonderland". This Alice theme is SO 2010, don't you think? I fully embraced the popularity of Alice in Wonderland and found lots of inspiration around the internet.

{the invite. printed on white cardstock with a stamped "open me" tag on the envelope}

{the birthday girl}
Dress by etsy seller Little Shepsters.

{paper banner "charlotte in wonderland"}
The Entry:
Guests walked up our front path passing a "This Way" sign & an oversized balloon. Also on the path were large tissue flowers attached to garden stakes. No photos, sorry. I forgot those!

The Photo Booth:
In my entry way, I set up a simple photo booth. Ikea fabric pinned to the wall adjacent to the front door. Each of the guests had their portrait taken with Charlotte as they arrived. I'll send a copy of each child's photo along with their thank you note.
The Craft:
While we waited for everyone to arrive, I had a craft table set up to make Mad Hatter hats. I spray painted grocery bags to create the base. The kids used foam stickers & dot painting pens to decorate. I would have liked more elaborate hat decor (glitter, feathers, etc.), but I was catering to a 3-4 year old crowd!

The Lunch:
No Wonderland party would be complete without a tea party! I had the most fun decorating this table. Lanterns are Luna Bazaar. Mini tea sets are Ikea.

The Activities:
Instead of a cake walk we had a "Cheshire Cat Walk". Everyone eventually won a dollar spot prize. We also played a simple "Pin the Clock on the White Rabbit" game. Lastly, during the last 10 minutes of the party, we watched a few clips from Disney's Alice in Wonderland DVD.

The Favor:
On their way out, each guest took home a little box with a button Alice necklace.
Necklaces from etsy seller SnappyPendants.


  1. The party looks fabulous! I love every detail. Those hats are amazing.

  2. I love the photobooth idea. That back drop with the hearts is perfect for the theme. You did a terrific job! Thank you for sharing.

  3. looks like a fantabulous party E!!! wish we could have been there to attend, our little char's would have had a blast!

  4. Darling picture of the guest in her hat. Very clever idea.

  5. I ADORE this theme and by the way, your photography skills are brilliant.


    Melanie at shareholidays.com

  6. Wowzers! I love it! I've been thinking about what to do for my son's second birthday party (I know, I know)...and just thinking about it makes me exhausted. I am glad to see so many inspired parents!

  7. Wow.. I love it! The dining table was impressive.. I like the decoration because it is very colorful. I will definitely try this to my daughter.

  8. hi this looks absolutely great, i will be using this as inspiration for my party in september. Thankyou


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