Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Heathered Chenille Jute Rug

The last few days have been spent searching for rugs. The main floor of our new house is entirely hardwood. The floors are beautiful but I am in serious need of rugs. I have searched and shopped, bought and returned and I am striking out.

Ryan brought home a rug from Costco tonight, I don't like it, but it was $100 and it serves it's purpose. I am anxiously awaiting the day Ryan's rug moves to the basement and something fabulous replaces it as I'm still on the hunt for something perfect.

I never knew shopping for rugs could be so frustrating.

*I want a natural fiber rug, but that's not comfortable for the kids to lay on or play games on.
*Spending $$$ for something to lay on your floor and walk on is hard to do.
*If I buy a patterned rug will it clash with the floral chair and look too busy?
*There are a lot of weird sizes. Why aren't there more 8x10's?
*Rugs really are needed to pull the room together.. who knew?

Rug suggestions anyone?


  1. A word on natural fiber rugs - The house we are renting has large sisal rugs from Crate and Barrel in the kitchen and under the kitchen table - I hate them and so does everyone who spends much time here. They are easy to vacuum/sweep crumbs or dry spills but are really difficult to clean after wet spills (e.g. yogurt, milk, playdough) plus they are not comfortable on your feet. I think they would work better for a home without small children.

  2. rugs are tricky for me too! Let me know and show me a picture once you pick one!

  3. we had this same issue a few months back. finding the perfect rug was hard - so many factors play into it. We lucked out at Ikea and found a great one to go with the rest of the room.
    A friend of mine found some carpet that she liked at Home Depot and just had them cut the dimensions she needed, finish off the edges and had a rug made!
    Good Luck to you. I hope you find something!

  4. My husband loves rugs. It's taken many years to train him to buy a nice rug.

  5. i am always on the lookout for a good rug! i always really love what they have at world market.

  6. It's going to sound crazy, but take a look at
    They've got some serious selection and they're priced REALLY well. I've seen quite a few there that are very similar to way more expensive rugs at other sites... :) Have fun shopping. You'll probably find the perfect piece when you stop "searching high and low". That's the way it normally works for me. ;)

  7. Home Decorators and Overstock both have pretty good selections.

    The rug in my family room is from Company C. If you buy on clearance, their prices are almost affordable ;)

  8. Oh I am in the same boat...HOLY EXPENSIVE...I have fallin in love with so many rugs only to pick my jaw up from the floor when I see the cost. UGH....

    I did order a few rugs from Overstock that are really good quality and comfy under foot for under 200. Might see if they have anything you like.

  9. I got a great braided jute rug at Lowes (large & about $100) for under my dining room table that I love but they are harder to clean after wet spills - I already have a few stains. They have some cute rugs at Crate & Barrel right now - the Island Chevron Rugs, and I love the Hogan rugs (8x10 only $200) if you decide you want to punch it up with a little color. And of course PotteryBarn always has beautiful rugs - I have one & I love it but it does shed like crazy.


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