Monday, April 19, 2010

girls room.

My girls used to have these really cute rooms, but then we moved, and then we moved again.. and again.. and maybe we moved one more time. I kind of gave up on making their room cute. I had an idea of what I wanted, but never pulled it fully together. I figured why put a bunch of effort into it when we're just going to move again. I know.. lame mom I am!

So this move is feeling a little more permanent, and I'm determined as ever to give the girls the room I've been envisioning. I want their bed to be soft and fluffy and ruffly. They have a pale pink down comforter, an antique cream amazing bed, and the most beautiful white euro shams (made by Ryan's incredible aunt).

I found this fabric over a year ago and loved the green, grey and pink to use as accent colors for their room. It covers the seat on the bench in their room (made out of an antique headboard).

Restoration Hardware recently launched a kids line. My friend is decorating her nursery and came upon this grey ruffled bed skirt. It is the perfect piece to tie the bench and the bedding together. It has totally inspired me. Amazing how one thing can do that. I can't wait to order it.

and tonight I found this hettle pillow that is perfect for their bed. I also can't wait to order this.

I'll post pictures when their room officially comes together. It's so nice to finally have some inspiration and desire. What inspires you and get's your creative juices flowing?

*also, I figure Denver is sunny enough to pull off grey paint in their bedroom. That was not the case in the NW. So if you have a great tried and true grey paint color, I'd love to hear it! Thanks in advance.


  1. If they need some blocks or vinyl, you know who to call :)

  2. oh I can't wait to see the finished project. char's bed/bedding need a serious make-over as well...we will see what happens!

  3. Can't wait to see the room all put together!

    I am getting the ruffle bed skirt ASAP! There is gray in the girls quilts and they need bed thanks!

    I painted the babys room gray and boy was it hard to find a good gray! I wanted a cement gray sort of look. Too light and it looked like a dirty wall...undertones of yellow made it look more taupe in certain lighting during the day. I finally decided on a gray with an undertone of blue. For about 2 hours out of the day the room looks slightly purple but the rest of the time I'd say it's the right color I was going for.

    Gray is SUCH a HARD color to do...found that out by a ton of other people after I had it in my mind to do gray.

    Thought I'd pass that along :)

  4. grey is a lovely color for a wall, but careful about thinking denver is sunny...winter can be long and grey in colorado.

  5. i would think your winter in denver might be pretty gray....if you're 100% sold on the idea, i would look for a shade both light & warm. or another warm color that would co-ordinate with the other colors you have in the room already - maybe a lighter version of the green in your fabric? so when the sun hits it, it will feel warm, but it won't feel cold on a darker day.

  6. I also used that fabric in my daughter's room, just in the pink version, I love how dramatic it is! You have some great finds here!


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