Wednesday, April 14, 2010

game party

I have three boys. While planning our most recent party, I wanted to do something different because we've already done every single super hero party, legos, star wars and all the typical little boy themed parties. My son loves to play games. I took his love for games and turned it into a super easy birthday party.

The invitation.

These tickets went a long way.
I bought these at Zurcher's for about $3.00.
Best three bucks I've ever spent!

I used the tickets to wrap around the party favor bag.
In the bag were games and candy for the kids to take home.

I bought 3 decks of childrens playing cards at Walgreens ($6 total) and stapled them to a white ribbon to make a banner. I also strung some of the tickets above the table.

I used game boards, the party favors and cupcakes as table decorations.

I used scrabble letters to spell out "Happy Birthday, Parker."

I also put each child's initial at a place setting.
The kids loved trying to look for the first letter in their name.

I set out dice, letters and cards from games so that the kids had something to do while they were waiting for cupcakes and ice cream. They loved this and actually thought this was one of the game stations.

We had the boys do a few different game stations.

Video games

Air hockey

{they also played saucer scramble and random board games that I had set up in the family room}.

My son absolutely loved the party and so did all his friends!

*Sorry this is up late today. If you have emailed me about one of your birthday parties, be watching for an email this week to set up guest posting!

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