Monday, February 8, 2010

valentine bunting.

Do you dress up your house for Valentine's day? It's kind of impossible around here with two girls and a holiday that's colors are red and pink and uses plenty of sparkle. So we are slowly decorating...

I saw this heart bunting on sew mama sew and really liked it. I don't know that we'll get to making it this year, but it was worth book marking.

And, if you are like me and you still haven't made your child's valentine box, check out Tiffany's amazing mailboxes complete with a downloadable template. I love it!

How are you preparing to celebrate love?


  1. that bunting is so cute, i'm putting it in the ideas folder. i haven't put anything valentinesy up yet, so i guess it's not happeneing!

  2. we made paper bunting, and started our valentine surprises.

  3. I just made a garland out of cheap (as in $ Tree) heart doilies and white embroidery floss. I have to be looks pretty darn cute. :)


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