Tuesday, February 23, 2010

magpie lovely.

Magpie lovely is one of my very favorite shops. The wide variety of handmade goods is some of the best I've seen. Think Etsy with a built in filter. Shop owner Holly Craig exclusively sells goods from independent crafters and artisans with gorgeous designs and reasonable prices.

I've put together my own Magpie lovely wish list for you to enjoy, though I'd recommend taking a few minutes to browse through all the handmade treasures yourself.

Find something you love? Enter code TT15 to receive 15% off your purchase over the next two days (Wed, Thurs). Every purchase made using that code will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate picked by Holly herself.

I'll be making my order now....

Blue Buds Supper Clutch by Pistolstitched

Molly Ring by The Pebble Collection

Heidi Tunic by 1crown3tiaras

Ruffle Blouse by Dyanahar

What do you love?

*Please note: With this giveaway the winner will be chosen from the people that make a purchase using code TT15. Happy Shopping and good luck!!


  1. holy stinkin cow, i love that clutch! hmmm...how can i get hubby to let me get it???

  2. I adore that clutch! I love purses

  3. The ruffled shirt is awesome. So cute.

  4. The Fuschia & Yellow handbag looks so fun! :) What great fabric choices!

  5. Could there kids clothes be any cuter!! Too bad I am broke as a joke but thanks for sharing this site it has been added to my favorites

  6. add the little purse to my christmas list please!!!


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