Thursday, February 21, 2013

Boy Baby Shower!

This weekend some friends and I threw a shower to celebrate one of my favorite people and her soon to arrive baby boy.
It was two hours that I wish could have lasted the entire weekend.

Bite size caramel apple favors. Don't let appearances fool you, these were a labor of love and not as easy to whip out as we'd anticipated. If you decide to try them, email me for tips.

There was a point in time where we almost abandoned ship, but I am so glad we didn't. They turned out really cute and were definitely worth it.

Wishes for Baby.. I loved this idea. Lauren talked about how in the original sleeping beauty there were 12 fairies who each gave a wish for the baby as we handed them out. We thought these would be perfect for the baby book and a great way to document all the people that were there and are so excited for his arrival.

We made this crepe paper. Super easy and although the pictures don't show it well it added a dramatic effect!  I loved it.

Setting up and arranging :)

Pom Pom/Lantern cluster hanging above the main food table

We did a yogurt bar (Vanilla, Strawberry and Mango yogurt with multiple toppings and suggestion ideas)

The menu board/parfait suggestions

mini pumpkin muffins and cinnamon cream cheese frosting

chocolate dipped strawberries… someone's very favorite..

baked brie and crackers (and not pictured because they disappeared so fast were the blt bites and also mini quiches that I missed getting a picture of)

mock mimosas or orange juice and ginger ale

I couldn't resist. Scarly bug in her hang out spot for the shower. She was an angel baby.

Some of the party planning crew and the guest of honor.

The aftermath. Look at all those beautiful dishes. 

Thanks to everyone who brought food, donated dishes and helped to make this shower one we won't soon forget!

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