Thursday, February 21, 2013

30th Old Man Party!

This might have been the greatest party ever. Only because of some friends, who put everything they had into making this a birthday to remember.

8:00 AM: Some grumpy old men show up at the door to welcome Ryan into his life as an old man. (I have clothes ready and waiting for him, but he doesn't know it)

These grumpy old men are not so great at taking pictures, but they sweep Ryan off to breakfast at the Village Inn, and then to a round of golf.

Yes, they really golfed dressed in their old man gear.

For dinner the wives dress up as old women, and we head off to where else but…

The Country Buffet, where these hot old women are waiting for us.
(how could you not love these two? thank you girls for your efforts in making this a night to remember.)

Some of our friends were so smart and reserved the banquet room, because there is no where better to celebrate, and a feast we had. mmm mmm good. I'm sure it was Ryans' idea of the perfect birthday dinner.
(Pictured above was the crowd favorite at the Country Buffet with her sponge curlers)

We finally finished off the night, with BINGO of course...

Yes, we even had a real bingo cage and it was awesome. I wish you could have seen the prizes. We didn't take pictures of those. (denture cream, lysol, depends, personal hair trimmer, jumbo crosswords, kleenex..)

The cake was amazing. The pictures don't even do it justice, check out those layers of pure deliciousness.

Such a fun night! I'm pretty sure it made entering his 30's a day he'll never forget.

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