Thursday, October 8, 2009

all my favorites.

1. Cliff's Z bar for kids...I actually eat them :) The chocolate brownie bar is my fave! I eat one for a chocolate fix and don't feel all the guilt!

2. The Sigg water bottles. Well, for one they are very cool looking...but they are also safe for you and the environment!

3. I love the thought of eating organic but have only managed to switch our milk so far. We love the horizon organic milk. I found a bulk pack of these at Whole Foods and I stick them in the kids lunches.

4.The alba lip balm. Honestly I will never use anything different, Alba works! Alba is also made from natural products and doesn't have the bad "stuff" you shouldn't be putting on your body. It is a perfect product for dry lips, I use it daily.

5. The Built NY lunch tote. This is actually a wish list item for me, I love the different designs they carry, I love all things bags as it is!

6. China Glaze nail polish is my favorite. I recently started giving myself pedicures! I wanted my feet to look like I had been to the salon without the price tag. I was recommended China Glaze, I do love it and have found that my little investment has gone a long ways!

7. I love Jenny McCarthy and love all that she has done for her son's health. She motivates me to want to eat healthier. She really is a great mom!

8. Methods Squeeky Green laundry detergent and dryer sheets made with rice milk+mallow. For one, they smell amazing...another, the dryer sheets come in a very cool little package and they are moist. The best reason is, it's the one product that doesn't make my son's eczema flair up!

9. Methods non-toxic all purpose wipes. I love these for my car. When stopped at a light or waiting to pick up my son I get cleaning in my car:) They make my car look nice and tidy and I don't feel like my hand has absorbed anything it shouldn't have.

10. Jack Johnson music. This is my favorite music to listen to! My husband and I saw him in concert, he is so cool! Love, love this music!

11. Organizing for Life by Sandra Felton. This book seriously helped me. It really helps you figure out why you do what you're doing now, and helps you become the more efficient person you want to be.

12. Alba lotion. The hand and body lotion with cocoa butter is my favorite! I have always had really dry legs and heels. This is the first lotion I have found that cured my dry skin problem. I will never try another lotion again, seriously!

13. Tazo Zen tea. It's a green tea, and it's good for you. I just love tea!

14. Real Simple "Family" magazine. I think it comes out every year in September! Always has really useful tips, also love that matte feel of the pages and cover :)

15. The BYO lunch totes are very popular this year. Picked them up for my kids and we love them. It's like scuba suit material, when it's dirty I just throw it in the wash and it comes out good as new!

16. The Ped Egg. This has gotten rid of my dry cracked heels for this little ivention. It is way better than a rough file.

17. Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha. It's my favorite but I try not to go too much :)

18. Spritzer hand sanitizer. Just line the kids up and spritz away. It's way better than the goopy, messy gel.

So that's it... all my faves! Just want to thank Brittany for inviting me to be a guest blogger this week, it was super fun!


  1. Very fun! I've got to get a copy of that Family magazine, thanks!

  2. What a fun list!

    And can I just say a big AMEN to the ped egg!

  3. Did you hear that Cookie is going under :(

  4. I LOVE the Cliff bars for kids. They are so good. I need to make one of these for my blog. I love it!

  5. oooh. totally want to try that nail polish!

  6. How did you make your list with the pictures and numbers?


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