Thursday, September 17, 2009

too early?

I love finding little treasures in my inbox. Magpie Lovely is the latest, and the shop has me wondering if it is too early to start a Christmas list? What do you think?

I hope my husband is reading, because whether or not it's time.. the list has started.

This needs to make it's way into our home! Love the colors, design and the simple reminder to be happy and be yourself, two things I hope my kids are learning.

Gold Rain necklace. It's simple and classic. I'm not a huge jewelry person, but I think this would be the perfect addition to many ensembles.

I've already admitted, I'm loving the ruffles, which makes this shirt a must-have! I might not be able to make it to Christmas.

What will you be adding to your list? That is.. if you're willing to start one this early.


  1. Too early to start a Christmas list? Never! I'm already halfway through my Christmas shopping, haha! ;)
    I am loving the ruffle shirt!!

  2. I've started my shopping and hinting to my husband what's on my list too!

  3. Never too early! I think is better to do it with time, you can choose your presents cleverly! I have started in etsy, were I can find plenty of things for my kids and for the rest of the family ;)

  4. I too am a sucker for ruffles! :)

  5. I will be starting a christmas list too, LOVE that poster...and the ruffle shirt is great!! the williams sonoma stainless steel cookware is on my list this year, guess it could be on my list for several years at that price $$$!


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