Tuesday, May 12, 2009

squeeze hugs.

It's not often you find a web boutique that has just as many stylish boy clothes as they do girl clothes. Which is why I find squeeze hugs to be so refreshing.  At squeeze hugs you'll find hand selected brands like room seven, charlie rocket, rowdy sprouts and misha lulu. They're reinventing the one-stop shop and they're doing it well, they don't just specialize in clothing, they've selected the best in decoraccessoriesplaytime and more.

Shopping with squeeze hugs leaves me with a feeling of confidence. They guarantee each item in their shop is something they'd use for their very own child. So be sure to stop by this corner of the web, you just might find yourself inspired and relaxed as you surf through the best in European and American designers all in one place.


  1. love the dress pictured. perfect for summer!

  2. Thanks for the tip. Having two boys, I agree! It is difficult to find non spidey clothing!!

  3. hi
    blog walking
    nice to be here

  4. oh i wish i had kids now! i love everything from Misha Lulu

    (also.. i make cookies every sunday for my husbands lunches. it's SO not good for me)


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