Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Drawing from her upbringing in Paris, a city where tradition blends with modernity, travels and world cultures, Lorraine Le Tac creates eclectic and versatile collections.

Since having a baby boy it has become my quest to search out and find the best in little boys clothing. I am determined for him to dress every bit as good as the girls, to not wear giant characters on his chest, and to be able to display some type of originality. With bobinette inspiration is drawn from faraway lands including India, Asia, North Africa and beyond. While that sets them apart all on it's own, the clothing itself is high quality, washes well and uses soft comfortable fabric. No fighting to wear a button up shirt will be required.

bobinette meets all the requirements as to what little boys clothing should be. View the entire collection here.


  1. I you like this french retro style for kids go to see the Petit Pan collection on my little shop Comptoir d'enfance
    Have fun


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