Thursday, November 6, 2008

meet hawk.

Allow me to introduce you to Hawk. A little suburban dog, his many friends, and their great adventures, all captured on canvas. What little boy wouldn't fall in love with Hawk and his friends (be it a deer, owl, turtle or bird)?

Marnie Vollenhals created her own company J. Austin Ryan after years in the art industry. Each piece she creates delivers a unique style bringing modern, retro and classy art styles together. All of Marnie's pieces are hand-painted and done in small batches. Each and every one has her stamp of quality and won't be sent out unless it's perfect.

So take heart in the adventures of a little dog, let these paintings take you back to the days of imagination and childhood innocence. I know they did for me.

*Through November 17th purchase any item or items totaling $15 and receive a free print of your choice. Another perfect addition for your holiday list!


  1. great find! thanks once again.

  2. I really like the vintage look. Reminds me of Tin Tin.


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