Monday, March 14, 2011

Leprechaun Bag.

My mom started a tradition when we were young.
We'd pass around a leprechaun bag filled with glitter,
doing good deeds and leaving some dust behind,
for the recipient to pay it forward.

We've started the tradition here at our house too.
I switched out confetti for glitter (easier clean-up)
and we do have a 10 piece limit.

It's so fun seeing the girls think up nice things to do,
and then watching them sneak around trying to pull it off without being caught.
It's one of my favorite traditions from my childhood and I love sharing that with my own little family.

*organza bags found at Michaels in the wedding section
*confetti found at party city
*poem written by my mom

*It's not to late to start this at your own home. We only started ours today!


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