Monday, December 21, 2009

kindle commercial.

I love this commercial, so clever. Have any of you tried out the kindle?


  1. love the commercial... not sure about the kindle.

    To me the whole point of reading a book is to read it and not listen or follow along. Also the whole book reading experience for me isnt' just the story and the reading, but the book, the pages, the way it feels in your kindle in our house...ever.

  2. I just got it for Christmas this year from my parents (a little early) and I love it!

    You can read it without a glare on the screen because it isn't backlit like a normal computer. You can tilt it and the words will fit the screen horizontally or vertically- whichever way you prefer!

    It stores tons of books and you can make notes, highlight sections of what you are reading, look up definitions on the dictionary and search for books right on the Kindle.

    If you are at the beach and you want something new to read, you don't need a wifi connection, you just search, read the reviews, and click to buy and you are done. My parents said that on their way to Egypt, some lady on the plane saw a new book advertised in one of the in-flight advertisement magazines and bought it on her Kindle right there.

    Another lady also bought a book to read on the cruise going down the Nile river. This thing is really really neat. It reads like a printed page so it doesn't strain your eyes. You can have it read aloud to you if you want- you can send documents to it from your computer, play music on it, and browse the internet (on mostly text websites). I LOVE it.

    I will still read traditional books as well, but this is nice to pack so you are not lugging a ton of books on vacation.

    Last night, I couldn't sleep so I turned on my book light and snuggled under the covers so I wouldn't wake my husband. There was no ruffling of pages so I could read quietly.

    Another thing I love is that it saves your place. I have a toddler running around and he likes to pull my book marks out. This pulls up the last page you were on so you're not scratching your head wondering where you were again. It's awesome!

  3. i think i would like one for traveling, but not sure i could give up my books & weekly trips to the library!

  4. I got it for my birthday in November and I love it. I like to read not listen.
    Is so worth it.!!!!

  5. cute commercial! i haven't seen that...i got a Kindle for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and i LOVE it! i'm a book nerd and now I can have 1500 books with me at one time (not that I have purchased that many).

    although I haven't decided if I'm ok not having the physical book...something about having a book in your hands and turning the pages yourself...


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