Tuesday, November 18, 2008

operation shower.

This is the season of giving, a season to reach outside ourselves and help those around us. Resa Design and Julian and Co. (with more to be added soon) have teamed up to sponsor Operation Shower. The idea is simple, to shower and support our military moms with some of our favorite baby items.
Operation Shower sends baby showers in a box and also hosts baby showers on
bases, for WELL deserving mom's who's spouses are serving in the military or
whom might be military personnel themselves.

Purchases can be made at resadesign.com of items tagged for Operation
Shower. These items will be shipped directly to Operation Shower
headquarters in St.Louis, MO for inclusion in upcoming boxes and events. All
items are deeply discounted, and shipping is free. Operation Shower desires
to bless their mama's with items they wouldn't normally be able to pick up
for themselves. What better way to help than to give them some of the best
indie designs on the market!

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